Who is the the REAL Secret Squirrel?

Who is the the REAL Secret Squirrel?

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Now am I the only person who can remember the Secret Squirrel cartoon character of my youth, or is that showing my age?

Secret Squirrel is a cartoon character created by Hanna-Barbera, and also the name of his segment in the The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, which debuted in 1965.  I was a fan.  Now following the events of last friday, I now have a different image in my head when I think of the secret squirrel.

Imagine the scene.

It’s Friday afternoon at 3:00pm. The sun is shining, and the back garden and BBQ are calling. It’s been a busy week and the Key Environmental team is looking forward to a weekend off.

The phone rings………

A distraught Mr. C. (when you see the pictures, you would want anonymity also!) is on the line asking for help – he thinks there is a rat in his water tank!

Him and his girlfriend moved into the house a few weeks ago and recently noticed a strange smell in the water, and they have both been feeling unwell. He popped his head into the water tank in the loft and was horrified with what he had seen:




He explains that he is desperate. We are the TENTH water hygiene company he has called today and no one can help, (or be bothered to – domestic client / Friday afternoon etc.).

One of our dedicated service team staff, Sam Brough, responded in Mr. C.’s hour of need and jumped into action.

By 21:00 Sam had attended the property, removed the offending creature, which surprise surprise,  was actually a squirrel, thoroughly cleaned the tank and disinfected the tank and associated water services, leaving the system water safe to use.  Mr C. told us:


Key Environmental were the only company who truly listened and cared about my problem as well as making the effort to help me. I am truly indebted to Con and Sam and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone who needs their water systems looking after.




You do not need to be a water hygiene expert to see the problem in the above scenario. However other potential problems exist in residential water systems.

The Heath and Safety Executive have released an Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8) “The control of legionella bacteria in water systems” and associated guidance HSG274.

HSG274 Part 2 “The control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems”, cites the fact that landlords and managing agents who provide residential accommodation, have a LEGAL DUTY to ensure that the RISK of exposure of tenants to LEGIONELLA is properly ASSESSED.

Competent risk assessment of water systems would ensure that situations like Mr.C’s would be less likely to occur.

If you are a landlord or managing agent looking after residential property, and would like to know how to meet your LEGAL DUTY, then please call us NOW on 01789 270710. We can discuss your requirements and advise you on what you require.

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