Legionella Risk Assessment

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Do you own or manage premises with a hot and cold water system?

If so, you have a legal obligation to conduct a legionella risk assessment to identify and minimise the risks posed by exposure to legionella bacteria.

And whilst you could do it yourself, if you want your findings to be reliable, you need:

  • An in depth knowledge of the conditions under which legionella can thrive
  • A sound understanding of how the design and structure of your water system poses a threat

It means if you lack the time, skills and experience, it could be a smart move to enlist the help of a legionella specialist to conduct the risk assessment for you.

Here’s how Key Environmental can help:  

 1.     Comprehensive legionella risk assessment:

Legionella Risk assessment

  • A comprehensive site survey: Carried out by one of our highly qualified, experienced assessors.  We’ll look at everything giving you peace of mind that our findings will be comprehensive and our feedback thorough.  This will include:
  • Temperature testing: To ensure your hot and cold water is stored and distributed at an optimum temperature to minimise the risk of legionella growth.
  • Visual checks: Of your hot and cold-water storage facilities for debris, corrosion and sludge, which could harbour bacteria.
  • Microbiological testing: Where specified, we’ll sample your water system to ensure microbiological activity falls within acceptable limits
  • Feedback: On the effectiveness of your current management, monitoring and control systems.
  • A detailed, bespoke report: Produced specifically for your premises that describes any risks identified along with necessary remedial action to ensure your building is compliant.

2.     Detailed, easy-to-follow reports:

Legionella Risk Assessment


  • Bespoke: Your risk assessment report will be created specifically for your premises meaning everything it contains will be 100% relevant.
  • Easy to understand: Our reports are plain talking and jargon free. We demystify the process – not complicate it.
  • Independent and impartial advice: We have no vested interest in promoting any particular products or services. It means you can rely on and trust our findings.
  • Assess your legislative compliance: We’ll provide you with expert, impartial feedback about any risks we identify as well as any remedial action you need to implement to ensure your legal compliance.
  • Includes photographs and schematic drawings of your water system: This visual evidence makes it easy for you to navigate through and understand our findings
  • Prioritised remedial works programme: If your premises requires work to ensure compliance, we’ll outline this and explain what should be done first.
  • Training recommendations: Where we identify problems with your on going monitoring and reporting processes, we’ll explain how to rectify it.
  • Management structure: As part of your responsibilities you need to appoint a competent person to ensure measures are in place to minimize your risk. We can provide you with non-biased advice and guidance to ensure this happens in your premises.

 3. Give you peace of mind:

Legionella Risk Assessment

As you know, there are serious implications of failing to conduct a robust legionella risk assessment for your premises.

In addition to the moral obligation you have to staff, customers and the general public, if you fail to identify and rectify a risk that leads to an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease, there are serious implications including hefty fines or even imprisonment.

However, if you follow the findings and recommendations outlined in our risk assessment, we guarantee you’ll be compliant. And how much is that peace of mind worth to you?

Need a legionella risk assessment for your premises?

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