Legionella Hot Tub Party!

Legionella Hot Tub Party!

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So your water system has been risk assessed, your cold water storage tank and showers are spotless, and now you feel like you can finally relax! Have a glass of prosecco (or 4) get cosy in your pjs, or have a nice long soak in the hot tub….phew.

The legislation for Legionella control in the UK is based upon the Health and Safety Executive’s ACOP L8 (4th edition) and HSG 274 Legionella guidance, which is split into three parts, part 1:  The control of Legionella bacteria in evaporative cooling systems. BOSH DONE. Part 2: the control of Legionella bacteria in domestic hot and cold water systems. Pffft easy. Part 3: The control of Legionella bacteria in other risk systems.

Other risk systems…?


Legionella bacteria can, as we know, lead to Legionnaires’ Disease. But this doesn’t happen through drinking infected water, but through inhaling the water droplets through some aerosol form. This could happen in the shower, or from the water spray coming from cooling towers.

But what other systems around us can have the potential risk of harbouring Legionella bacteria?


Examples of these types of systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Ultrasonic humidifiers/foggers
  • Misting devices used for humidifying vegetables, meat and other food products
  • Spray humidifiers
  • Air washers, wet scrubbers, particle and trivial gas scrubbers
  • Water softeners
  • Emergency showers, eyebaths and face wash fountains
  • Sprinkler and hose reel systems
  • Spa pools
  • Whirlpool baths
  • Horticultural misting systems
  • Vehicle washers including automatic washers for cars, buses, lorries and railway rolling stock
  • Powered dental equipment
  • Fountains and decorative water features including those on display for sale
  • Industrial effluent treatment plants
  • Irrigation systems
  • Fire, dust and odour suppression systems
  • Paint spray preparation equipment
  • Tunnel pasteurisers and similar equipment


Now, not all of us have Industrial effluent treatment plants in our homes…but every day things such as fountains or decorative water features or if you’re lucky enough, spa pools still harbour risks of making you very ill if the water isn’t clean and safe. As long as you regularly treat and disinfect the water systems in place, or get someone in to do it for you if you want to be extra careful, then you can relax back into your hot tub….and maybe pop open another bottle of bubbles to celebrate.


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