Halloween Tank of HORRORS!

Halloween Tank of HORRORS!

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So the night of Halloween is approaching…the night where ghouls can wander the land, werewolves can hunt in the streets and vampires can fly into your homes….Not scared? Have you looked at your water tank lately? AAHHHHH. That got you. If you’re one of those who takes good care of their water hygiene, and you know your tank is spotless and your water is treated, then the scariest thing you have to deal with this halloween is small children eating all your chocolate (Still scary). However, we have seen some truly terrifying tanks, and I wanted to share a few of those with you…



In this particular tank we found a lovely roast pig. Just kidding, thats actually a squirrel who, as you can see, is looking a bit worse for wear. Now imagine that your drinking water is coming from that tank. Not quite what you want in your pumpkin spiced latte.

Dead birds in water tank


In this next tank we found a family of birds having a cheeky swim in this homes drinking water. Yummy. Not only is it the state of your water tank that could give you a fright this halloween, but there are some truly awful Legionnaires’ disease horror stories that would make you want to assess your water tank.

article-2664508-1EFDDB5B00000578-110_306x842   Alethea Parker, 51, was on holiday with her husband Barry in Tuscany when she soon started feeling unwell.

    ‘I developed a headache and became constantly thirsty. I felt lethargic but assumed it was lingering work stress. Then, towards the end of the holiday, I   started being sick. We thought it was food poisoning.’ Back in Britain, her condition worsened and she began slurring her words, then fainted in the shower. When paramedics arrived, Alethea was struggling to breathe. She was taken to Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, where she was so unwell that doctors put her into an induced coma while they carried out checks.

    She says: ‘It was like a weird dream – even seeing my hands and legs in such a bad way. I kept telling Barry to explain my absence to work.’As Alethea slowly recovered, doctors said they would need to amputate her left hand, both legs just below the knee, as they had gangrene, and some fingers on her right hand. ‘My left hand was so painful and useless that I knew I couldn’t keep it, but I was really upset as I didn’t know how I’d work again. I coped because I never dwell on things. I had to go forwards and do the best I could.’ It was almost a year before Alethea could finally go home after her collapse the summer before.

The fatality rate of Legionnaires’ disease ranges from 5 – 30 %, however those who recover from the illness can be left with conditions that affect them for life. So come this halloween, whether you are taking your kids trick-or-treating, or cosying down to watch a thriller, don’t let yours become a real night of horrors. It is so easy to have your water tested!

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