Demystifiying Legionella Control

Demystifiying Legionella Control

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Hi, i’m Con O’Shea, the founder and owner of Key Environmental Services, a business I set up in 1995 so that I could offer a ‘tailored’ water hygiene solution to my customers rather than the ‘one size fits all’ approach taken by most large companies.

Today, many of our customers are well versed in their obligations to protect their staff, clients or businesses from the risks associated with legionella bacteria.


Because there has been guidance or legislation in place covering the risks associated with legionella bacteria since 1987, as an industry we have started to assume everyone knows everything about it.

Clearly we are all wrong!

For instance, the recent changes in ACoP L8 have now highlighted the requirement for landlords and letting agents to risk assess their buildings.  The Care Quality Commission are demanding that medical and  dental surgeries also assess their properties and take any necessary steps to reduce the risks.

So for all out there who have suddenly had the responsibility for legionella control thrust upon them, we’ve created this short introductory guide.

It contains all you need to know, including:

  • What are legionella bacteria and what is legionnaires disease
  • Why is a risk assessment so important
  • What is involved in carrying out a risk assessment

Whilst the report can’t tell you everything, you’ll discover it contains enough information and hard facts to help you get clued up – fast.

What’s more, because it’s been written in a straight-talking, jargon free tone, you’ll find the information accessible and reader friendly (now that’s a relief!).

There is also a special reader only offer within this guide so pop your details in the form and click the link below and we’ll send a copy to you immediately!

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