Calling all Landlords!

Calling all Landlords!

By on Sep 23, 2015 in Blog, Featured |

If you’re a landlord, chances are, you’ve heard all this before! Most Landlords know water testing is important, that Legionnaires’ disease is a real risk, and the Law says you have to! and blah blah blah….. You know all this. But the problem is, some Landlords (or people in charge of housing) still do nothing about it.

I get it! It’s a pain in the butt to take time out, and get someone round to check a tank that is probably fine! I am sure however, you have gas safety checks carried out by qualified professionals, because as everyone knows, gas leaks can be fatal. Well, so is Legionnaires’ disease, or in best case scenario, it can cause serious illness. This risk is especially high if your tenants are more susceptible to the illness e.g. elderly or unwell.

I know, I know! This sounds like i’m giving you a lecture! (sorry) I just want to make sure you’re doing all you can to provide safe living conditions for all your tenants. (and trying to avoid that £20,000 fine per breach for not complying to the obligations.) I’m sure you can all agree that would not be fun to get in the post, unlike a birthday card from Aunt Judy. Risk assessments are so simple to take care of, and if you need any help in doing so feel free to contact any of us on the team. We can provide you with all the services to ensure your tenants are happy and healthy!


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