Boats, Caravans and Campervans and Legionella.

Boats, Caravans and Campervans and Legionella.

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Summer is finally here! The birds are singing, the evenings are light and the weather is…well, what did we really expect from Britain?

I for one am counting down the days until my holiday. Sunshine, cocktails and some quality time with my family. If my brothers can go for an hour without trying to kill each other that is. Some time to forget about everything…work, having to be up at 7am and Legionella.

Or is it?

Unfortunately for us, Legionella has no boundaries. They are just as happy to turn up during your sunny camper-van break on the gorgeous cornwall coast, as they are in a dirty cooling tower.  All it needs are the right conditions!

Do not fret though, for as long as you follow the guidelines for preventing legionella growth, your boat, camper or caravan should be fine. You will be flipping those butchers’ beef burgers on your new BBQ (that your wife claimed was ridiculously overpriced for a BBQ) outside your holiday caravan in no time!

  • If it has been a while since using the boiler – drain and flush the system before you use it.
  • If you won’t be using the boiler for a while – drain and flush the system before leaving.
  • For added protection use disinfectant – flush out the pipes with a specialist disinfectant used for swimming pools. Rinse thoroughly afterwards!
  • Check the temperature of the hot water – this should be 60°C all the way to the tap.
  • If water is well below the recommended temperature – contact the boiler supplier, or the vehicle dealer/owner.

The water in campers, caravans and boats rarely remains in the tank for a long period of time, and therefore is unlikely to reach temperatures above 20°C, which is requirement for legionella bacteria to grow. Therefore, systems such as these pose less of a threat to the health of the occupants. In addition, there is generally very little aerosol generated (with the exception of showering) which also reduces the risk from infection.

If you are taking a British break on a Narrowboat this season, see our blog here to see how we cleaned and disinfected a Narrowboat water tank.

If you are unsure about the risks of the systems in your camper, boat or caravan, or you are the owner of a rental company or park – please contact one of our team for advice of the prevention of legionnaires disease.

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